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'96 Grad Recognized as Exceptional International Jazz Musiciaion

Graduating from John Marshall in 1996 Justin has gone on to be recognized as an exceptional international jazz musician!

Inspired by the great jazz musicians of the past; Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk, and Nat King Cole, Justin brings a new spin to jazz standards. In just four years Justin has created a solo performing act that has not only impacted Oklahoma City, but an entire region. His vocal performance roots are unarguably profound and typical; church choir and song leader from St. Louis to Houston as a teenager. On the other hand, his piano roots are any thing but typical. After incurring an injury while activated in the U.S. Army Reserves, Justin sat at the piano and began to tinker. The tinkering became playing and the playing became performing in a matter of a few years. Currently, Justin spends much of his time arranging, composing, and studying with Antonio Ciacco under the guidance of Wynton Marsalis in New York City.

Also, Justin Echols is a seasoned orator and has a gift for relaying information in a simple yet eloquent format. He has done television and radio interviews and been featured in several magazines and newspapers over the past four years. He has a remarkable story that has gained him both local and national recognition. Spending almost twenty years developing his public speaking skills, he brings a vast range of brow raising experiences to his presentation. Justin draws excerpts from his days as a ministerial student, soldier, OKC police officer, educator, and jazz musician. And if that isn’t enough, his ability to merge his bio with original jazz piano compositions, jazz standard rearrangements, and a smooth vocals makes for a stimulating live show.

Story from Box Talent Agency

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