Peterson to Implement Balanced Attack on Offense

New John Marshall Offensive Coordinator, Eric Peterson, is stepping in for the Bears from

being a position coach at Mustang High School the previous season. Head Coach, Aso Pogi, knows Peterson is ready to take the helm.

Pogi coached with Peterson at Mustang High School and “fell in love” with his preparation and stated that Peterson is a “grade A” hire. “I take a lot of pride in preparing the kids and I think my unit at John Marshall is an indication of that,” Peterson said. “In the past as a position coach, I took a lot of pride in the way the players performed. I want the kids to go into the football game and be prepared with confidence. It’s like taking a test at school — being prepared and putting in study time breeds confidence.”

At Mustang, Peterson was a position coach under Ty Prestidge and Jeremy Dombeck. Prestidge was the initial coach that he knew of, that would spread out the offense and throw it as much as possible. Dombeck also implemented a spread approach, but was more run-involved using play-action.

“We’re going to find the stuff that works for us that is easy to learn,” Peterson said. “We

will run the ball with Elian Morales. At quarterback, Jalen Shells can pull it

down and run." Peterson adds.

"I’m a firm believer in being able to run and pass and having the ability to get guys out of the box on defense. When you get to the playoffs and a team wants to take away either the run or the pass, you need to be able to do both. We have a plethora of guys that need to touch the ball because they all can do something with it.”

Peterson won a high school state crown in 2002 as a wide receiver who collected 20

career touchdowns and over 2,000 yards receiving. Eric will teach math at John Marshall and

also owns a certification as a principal.

The Bears wound up team camp at Newcastle just prior to Memorial Day and competed

in a passing league at Capitol Hill May 31. This month John Marshall is competing in 7-on-7 in Chickasha.

“Being an offensive coordinator has been a goal of mine for five or six years since I

moved up to varsity,” Peterson noted. “I like to play that chess match with the defense.

“I appreciate Coach Pogi giving me the opportunity. I’m just excited being at John

Marshall. The kids have been great, welcoming, and I look forward to working with them from

the summer into the fall.”