New JM Learning Lab Gives JM Students Head Start | Print |

Students at John Marshall will be learning foreign language skills in a brand new way. The school has plans to install a Learning Lab, courtesy of Oklahoma company Educational Media LLC. The Learning Lab allows students to use digital technology to help them learn foreign languages as well as other subjects. The lab will accommodate 36 students and centers on students wearing a headset/microphone and the teacher operating a computer-controlled teacher console.

Through the technology the teacher can pair students seated anywhere in the classroom or place students in groups for language practice. The teacher has the ability to communicate and “listen in” on the students anonymously to assist them as needed. In this manner the teacher can be engaged with 100% of the students during the entire class period. The teacher may work privately with students as well and students become less intimidated speaking to the teacher directly without other students hearing them.

The lab will also be used for student listening activities from the Internet, audio CDs, DVD, and digital audio files. All students can be recorded at the same time for assessments and for oral grading exercises. The recording feature is also important for administering the AP language exams. John Marshall students will benefit from using the lab technology for many years to come.